[Gllug] UK Linux Developers' Conference, Bristol, 4-7 July 2002

Alasdair G Kergon agk at ukuug.org
Fri Apr 26 19:15:06 UTC 2002

The conference programme is now up on the website:
and we've started taking bookings!

agk at ukuug.org

Once again, a wide cross-section of the Linux development community
will gather at the start of July for the UKUUG's summer technical

The conference moves about the UK from year to year: in 2002 we're
visiting Bristol; in 2003, Edinburgh.

Speakers from nine countries will present their work, forming our
largest programme to-date. 

We begin on Thursday 4th July with tutorials on Shared Libraries,
given by Ulrich Drepper, the glibc maintainer; and the Linux Terminal
Server Project, given by the project's founder, Jim McQuillan.
[Places for these tutorials are limited: please book ASAP]

After a Linux printing workshop on Friday morning (CUPS/KDEPrint), the
conference proper begins at lunchtime and runs through to Sunday

Highlights of the programme include:

    * The Linux Kernel (Marcelo Tosatti, 2.4 maintainer)
    * The Hurd (Marcus Brinkmann)
    * Linux on AMD's Hammer architecture (Bo Thorsen)
    * Linux-ABI (Christoph Hellwig)
    * Dynamic Binary Translation (Mark Probst)
    * FreeDCE (Luke Leighton)
    * Emdebsys (Wookey)
    * Gnome 2.0 (Michael Meeks)
    * DotGNU (David Sugar)
    * Exim 4 (Phil Hazel)
    * glibc2.3 (Ulrich Drepper)
    * Valgrind (Julian Seward)
    * Zope 3.0 (Stephan Richter)
    * MySQL (David Axmark)
    * Free Telephony (David Sugar)
    * Bugzilla (Gerv Markham)
    * RT (Simon Myers)
    * Subversion (Sandar Striker)
    * MathMap (Mark Probst)
    * SourceForge (Alistair Riddoch)
    * Lego programming (Stephen Coast)

And also: Securing Linux Servers; Wireless Networking; Grid Computing;
LTSP; PHP; Linux in Undergraduate Teaching; Reliability, Availability
& Serviceability

And, if you're lucky, a chance to try out Sony's PlayStation 2 Linux
and maybe even IBM's Linux Wristwatch!

Sponsors: IBM and AMD 
Media Sponsors: OSDN, Linux Magazine
Exhibitors: IBM, O'Reilly, SuSE, Debian

More sponsors & exibitors needed: please contact me ASAP if you're interested.

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