[Gllug] I do not like this person

john john at sinoda.demon.co.uk
Sat Apr 13 23:24:13 UTC 2002

Will wrote
> Quote from the back page of the magazine thing from the financial times
> on 13/04/02 (I don't read it, I found it on the tube):
> 'Far from bringing openness and co-operation to the world of IT, Linux
> enthusiasts want to keep it as closed as possible, while collecting
> lavish praise from half-baked anti-capitalists so they can feel
> important.  After all, if these geeks could write real software they'd
> be working for a proper company.  Like Microsoft.'
> 			Fiona Harvey
> that was from the end of her generally uncomplimentary article.  Whoah
> it made me mad, I don't know her but I don't like her.

In her defense - She is a young hack that has at least got you to notice the 
FT and her name.
It may have just missed the :-) from the end as a subeditor checks it for 
She says we are geeks and that we get lavish praise - hurrah.

Against - she is just WRONG!

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