[Gllug] I do not like this person

Tushar Joshi tjoshi at lonix.org.uk
Sat Apr 13 23:46:55 UTC 2002

I have met people in the media like this before. They don't just not like
Linux but have a real passionate hate for linux. It's personal. Nothing
more. They have a gripe, someone wouldn't help them, or they didn't get
help for free from some irc channel and for some reason feel it up themself
to take it out on the whole community. Which is actually unprofessional,
since they aren't reporting the story but using the media as their personal
flame ground. 

Despite this I feel linux will prosper since the Media have always reported
crap and you have to read between the lines. The FT is just like the Sun
anyway ;o)


On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 12:24:13AM +0100, john wrote:
> Will wrote
> > Quote from the back page of the magazine thing from the financial times
> > on 13/04/02 (I don't read it, I found it on the tube):
> >
> > 'Far from bringing openness and co-operation to the world of IT, Linux
> > enthusiasts want to keep it as closed as possible, while collecting
> > lavish praise from half-baked anti-capitalists so they can feel
> > important.  After all, if these geeks could write real software they'd
> > be working for a proper company.  Like Microsoft.'
> >
> > 			Fiona Harvey
> >
> > that was from the end of her generally uncomplimentary article.  Whoah
> > it made me mad, I don't know her but I don't like her.
> In her defense - She is a young hack that has at least got you to notice the 
> FT and her name.
> http://mediabistro.com/content/archives/02/02/06/
> It may have just missed the :-) from the end as a subeditor checks it for 
> punctuation.
> She says we are geeks and that we get lavish praise - hurrah.
> Against - she is just WRONG!
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