[Gllug] Secure Internet Access Linux Box

Derek Bush Derek.Bush at racc.ac.uk
Sat Apr 6 15:26:06 UTC 2002

Look in the GDM configuration. There's now an "autologon" option.
I wondered what it was for ;-)

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>>> wulf.f-b at uhl.nhs.uk 04/05/02 15:31 PM >>>
I've been asked by the head of IT here to look into setting up a secure
Linux box for use in one of our staff rooms. So far we've used a fairly
well locked down Win98 box but there have still be problems of programs
getting installed and traces of less than desirable web searches being
remembered, etc.

The brief is to install Linux, boot into a graphical environment with a
browser and not let the anonymous user do anything except surf the
internet (and to tidy up all traces of their activity from the local
machine on a regular basis).

I imagine that I can accomplish most of this by setting up a guest user
and giving them no access (certainly no read access) to pretty much
anything except their home directory (for browser cookies, etc)... and
then using a cron job to refresh even that every few hours. I'm not sure
about how to boot automatically into the graphical environment - how
about an account with no password?

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