[Gllug] RH7.2 and Adaptec RAID controller

Tushar Joshi tjoshi at lonix.org.uk
Tue Apr 30 15:02:06 UTC 2002

The 2100s is supported, I have it running with no problems at least on many
machines. It is however a pain in the neck and I recommend against any
adaaptec products.

On slackware 7.1/8.0 I did the following:

Booted from cdrom.
insmod adaptec.o from a floppy disk (on the disk I had insmod static and
the adaptec.o 2100s module I downloaded from the Suse site.)
this the recognised the controller.
I tried fdisk /dev/sda it reported no disk. 
wait 10 seconds.
try fdisk /dev/sda again it works. 
then partition and format manually, there were no problems with this. 

Alternatively, later kernels 2.4 have the adaptec controller which 
can be compiled into the kernel without the insmod rubbish.

That approach worked even easier. 


On Tue, Apr 30, 2002 at 12:39:14PM +0100, timw wrote:
> Hi -
> I've recently aquired a new Intel ISP SR2200 with an Adaptec 2100s RAID 
> controller which seems, I think, to be causing problems with RH7.2.  During
> installation, if I create a partition of over 20GB, RH will hang while
> formatting it.  Letting RH make the default partitions does ther same.
> Jiggling with partition sizes enables me to complete an installation, but then
> after a few minutes the box will stop responding; hitting CR at the login
> prompt will bring up another login prompt, but typing anything just hangs
> the box, which I am assuming is because it's trying to access the disk(s).
> I've tried the default driver and the driver included with the RAID 
> controller but both fail.  I've tried other Linux flavours, including 
> Debian, which panics when mounting the root fs whilst installing, and Slackware 
> which does pretty much the same.
> Google reveals no truths, and the adaptec site is less than completely helpfull.
> Any ideas?
> Muchos TIA.
> Tim
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