[Gllug] compiling 2.5 kernels

Dave Jones davej at suse.de
Thu Apr 18 14:07:58 UTC 2002

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 02:50:16PM +0200, John Hearns wrote:
 > Hey, this kernel compiling thign sure beats work (ahem).

*big grin*. Yup, beats getting a real job any day 8-)

 > And sure enough, comparing the 2.5 and 2.4 ide_build_dmatable
 > int ide_build_dmatable(ide_drive_t *drive, struct request *rq,
 >                        ide_dma_action_t func)
 > int ide_build_dmatable (ide_drive_t *drive, ide_dma_action_t func)

The IDE situation. Ah, where to begin. Quick recap for those who
aren't aware of the situation.. Circa 2.5.3 Linus finally applied
Andre Hedricks IDE patches after something like 2 years of no updates.

What subsequently happened differs depending on who you ask, but the
upshot is that Martin Dalecki started various cleanups which Andre
objected to, Andre threw the towel in, and Martin then went to town
ripping the IDE layer to pieces.

Which more or less brings us up to date, where we have some IDE code
that is in many places a lot nicer than it used to be, but as its
still an ongoing thing, is still in a state of flux.

We're getting there.. bit by bit.

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