[Gllug] Copy-protected CD's

Allen Baranov allen at isa.co.za
Wed Apr 10 14:42:35 UTC 2002


Apparently one of the ways copy protection is done is to put a data partition 
on the CD (as in multi-session) with mp3 type files and a player that will 
play these files. As per usual multi-session disks when you play this on a 
"normal" CD player it ignores the data partition, when you load it up on a PC 
it ignores the CD part and you have access to the mp3-type-files. Apparently 
the CD part is actually not availible at all to a PC. 

On a side note from the looks of things copy protection is not working so well 
for the record companies. For a start the makers of CD hardware are getting 
pissed off. There has been no copy protection device that has actually worked 
perfectly and within the release in the shops of a copy protected CD the 
files are waiting for download on mp3 sites. In fact, the fact that there is 
a challenge seems to be an incentive to rip the CDs. 

Also, copy protected CDs are not (legal?/liked?) in some parts of the world so 
a CD copy protected in one part of the world is not protected elsewhere and 
the Internet is International so someone somewhere will be able to rip the CD 
and make it availible to all.

At the very least one can plug a cable from the output of one device to the 
input of another and make a copy (not perfect but good enough if you are 
going to make an mp3). 

As always, (think PC games copy protection schemes) the only ones who really 
lose out are the people who genuinely buy the product and have to jump 
through hoops to enjoy it.

Allen Baranov

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