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Jonathan Dye jonathan.dye at automationpartnership.com
Tue Apr 30 12:40:33 UTC 2002

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> From: Stan [mailto:stan at plato.wadham.ox.ac.uk]
> Subject: [Gllug] MAIL environment variable
> I've setup a machine with debian woody and qmail
> It puts the mail in $HOME/Mailbox
> I edited /etc/profile to include
> MAIL="$HOME/Mailbox"
> This seems to come through if the user's shell is /bin/bash but not if
> it's /usr/bin/tcsh in which case it seems to be set as /var/mail/$USER

I think tcsh uses the syntax

set MAIL "$HOME/Mailbox"

or maybe there is an equals there?

> Have I tried to change the variable in the wrong place?
> I also edited /etc/login.defs changing
> MAIL_DIR /home
> MAIL_FILE Mailbox

>From what I remember of looking at this file at the weekend, aren't you
supposed to change only one of these variables, depending on the mailbox
type.  Also, isn't there a special qmail variable for this in login.defs
what do the comments in that file say about it all.  I seem to remember they
are very helpful like the rest of debian from what I've learnt so far (new

> but that didn't even have an effect on bash?
> What should I try next?
> Stan


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