[Gllug] 486sx 25 machine - thoughts and comments

John Edwards john_ed at cornerstonelinux.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 19:39:50 UTC 2002


On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 06:38:43PM +0100, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> I have a 486sx-25 box with an adaptec scsi card and a 240mb disk (there was a 
> 500mb disk but I have already put that in another box). The machine has some 
> sentimental value (I've had it since 93) - as well as 32MB of memory: which 
> was big for that time.
> It has an isa bus and no network card.
> Question is: should I chuck it or is there a real use for it?

I've used 486 machines as remote X terminal (33MHz with 16MB RAM). 

Install a base Debian system with the correct X server, add a 
X fonts server to the XF86Config file and then run "X -query HOST" 
where HOST is a machine running xdm. 

It won't be fast, but will run basic X programs over a 10Mbit 
network unless you are using complex graphics (eg some gnome 
or KDE themes are a bit heavy).

> I have three other boxes - all running Linux and networked (including my 
> Dreamcast).
> Any thoughts? Anybody got an ISA NIC they would like to give me or sell me 
> for very little.

I've got lots of DLink 220CT cards (10/100 UTP/BNC combos) that are of 
unknown state, and I may even have a 500MB or 850MB hard disk spare.
I would be interested in the SCSI card or RAM if you decide you don't 
need them.

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