[Gllug] 486sx 25 machine - thoughts and comments

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 22:33:55 UTC 2002

On Fri 12 Apr, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> I have a 486sx-25 box with an adaptec scsi card and a 240mb disk (there was a 
> 500mb disk but I have already put that in another box). The machine has some 
> sentimental value (I've had it since 93) - as well as 32MB of memory: which 
> was big for that time.
> It has an isa bus and no network card.
> Question is: should I chuck it or is there a real use for it?
> I have three other boxes - all running Linux and networked (including my 
> Dreamcast).
> Any thoughts? Anybody got an ISA NIC they would like to give me or sell me 
> for very little.

   Is it fast enough for a firewall? An ISA 10baseT NIC is not difficult to
find, and you don't have the usual low memory problem, (computers around
that age often take the very short SIMMs, and you are limited to about 4MB
of RAM). Fit two NIC's for an ADSL ethernet to ethernet firewall? Or should
it be a 486DX to get sufficient speed?

Chris Bell

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