[Gllug] Official country code for Britain = GB or UK?

Pete Ryland pdr at pdr.cx
Mon Apr 15 01:02:23 UTC 2002

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 12:41:33AM +0100, Nix wrote:
> But until DERA went semicommercial and changed their name to something
> stupid, they had a .gb domain.
> Only people I've ever heard of that did.
> I wish Australia had managed to get .oz...

FWIW, at one time (9 or 10 years ago) there were a number of .oz.au domains
hanging around.  In fact it was subdomained to some extent (there was an
edu.oz.au at least).  For example, I remember the only undernet (irc) server
in au for a long time was at the University of Queensland and was called
jello.qabc.uq.edu.oz.au.  Now that's a mouthful.  And a wierd one at that
since Australians call it jelly.  I think Melbourne Uni used oz.au as well.


$ host -a www.uq.oz.au
www.uq.oz.au        	CNAME	www.uq.edu.au
www.uq.edu.au       	A

$ host -a oz.au
oz.au               	NS	munnari.oz.au
oz.au               	NS	ns.UU.NET
oz.au               	NS	mulga.cs.mu.oz.au
oz.au               	NS	dmssyd.nsw.cmis.CSIRO.au

I'm sure there used to be an "edu" in there before..


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