[Gllug] European Health Systems

John Hearns john.hearns at cern.ch
Fri Apr 19 08:00:28 UTC 2002

On Thu, 2002-04-18 at 20:28, Chris Bell wrote:
>    There was some talk about it a year or two ago, and I think it was
> somewhere in central America, possibly Mexico. However I can't picture many
> of the medical authorities in the EEC happily using M$. There was also some
> talk more recently about the EEC preparing to take action against M$
> monopoly.

Chris, so, so sorry to be sarccy and have the toasting fork
out for flaming, but HELLO?????

Have a read at this article in the Register

"The UK's National Health Service Information Authority has awarded a
single tender for the specification of national electronic health record
system to Microsoft, which does seem to suggest that
a certain company will do well out of the ensuing project. The decision
was taken at the NHSIA management board meeting on 7 February, and will
initially be worth £250,000."

I was going to flag it to the list at the time,
but I'm trying to shake off my image as a sourpuss :-)
I'm also trying to stop running off at the mouth on 
publicly-archived email lists too.

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