[Gllug] Dates and locations for Install day 2002 in London.

Colin Murphy SpudULike at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Apr 12 12:59:22 UTC 2002

I know that Tushar is having his installfest on Sunday 19th May.

The other day being advertised is Sunday 9th June.

There are some desenting groups already, Manchester has chosen to have 
their day on the 18th May.

What day(s) should we choose?  

Would those of you who help to man (or, at least, populate) these things 
prefer a Sat or Sun (or something else)?

What days do you think the installees would prefer?

Tushar has already suggested that we try and get 'fests arranged for 
North, South and East London as well.  Any offers of venues?

Should London get done on the one day (19th May) or is it better to split 
it up over various day?

Colin Murphy
SpudULike at blueyonder.co.uk

A man for all seasons, 'specially pepper.

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