[Gllug] OT Firewire/Fast Networking

Jason Clifford jason at ukpost.com
Mon Dec 9 15:42:14 UTC 2002

On 9 Dec 2002, Ian Baillie wrote:

> Unfortunately, it is just simple cutting and pasting of clips using only
> the special fx found in iMovie.  I'm also going to experiment at home
> using an Athlon based Machine with a Lacie Firewire drive (80Gb), but I
> haven't set up a machine yet.  Not sure whether it'll be WinXP or Linux
> yet, need to source some suitable software and see how easy it is to
> setup...

kino is good for simple video editing assuming you are using AVI format 
and/or a DV camera source.

The FX it offers are currently early development though.

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