[Gllug] GNOME Disk Activity

Mark Preston mark at markpreston.co.uk
Fri Dec 13 22:09:48 UTC 2002

Hi there Sudhir,
Well, you could always post a new topic. Might I suggest "Cost 
considerations of installing various Linux distros" :-).
Mark Preston

On Friday 13 December 2002 20:45, Mark Preston wrote:
"Sudhir Anand wrote on
Thu Dec 12 14:11:01 2002
inter alia regarding his assertion that KDE is a better Window manager
(sic) than GNOME:-
  >In any case, I am also finished with this.
4 of his emails later on the same subject he then wrote:-
  >I have only used SuSE ditributions, primarily because of cost
What cost considerations? I don't accept that the cost is a limiting
factor on installing different versions/distros of Linux. Compared to
the time involved in installing and cost of the hardware the cost of
obtaining a variety of distros is negligible IMHO. FWIW I prefer KDE,
but I found the lecture was very interesting and I thought the lecturer
was very diplomatic in not mentioning KDE.
Anyway, the great thing is that you have a choice, and it's all free
software, so you can submit bug reports and help make it better; or even
delve into the source code and submit your changes for consideration if
you are so inclined."

Sudhir Anand  wrote on
Fri Dec 13 21:24:00 2002
 >Given your comments above, I feel that I would like to resond.  Given 
 >that I said I was finished with this topic, should I not post anymore 
 >emails on this topic?

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