[Gllug] Wifi

Stig Brautaset stigbrau at start.no
Wed Jul 3 13:44:12 UTC 2002

* David Blackburn <daveb at hxor.com> spake thus:
> Can any one suggest a good PCMCIA card also a crappy(Cheap) PCI OR USB
> card just for home.
> And if that wasnt enough suggest a place to buy them from around TCR ?
> I have checked consume.net, etc, etc but there seems to be even more out
> now since I last looked into buying one.

I've got a Xircom Combo 10/100 + 56k modem thing. The only real problem
I've experienced was that the modem will not correctly reset/detect it
if the line drops. 

(Some of you will also remember that I had trouble with the card losing
ip, but that was apparently a classical "problem between keyboard and
chair" thing, because it works all nice and dandy now...)



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