[Gllug] digital camera

stuart sears stuart at auslander.org.uk
Fri Jul 12 18:23:00 UTC 2002

just bought fuji finepix 2800 for 289.
in terms of camera rtatingsd I don't have a clue but it connects easily to 
Linux without external software, as a USB mass storage device - 
ie mount -t vfat /dev/sda1 /mnt/camera or somesuch.
I know that the Olympus cameras work the same way.
I am not certain if it is down to the fact that they use smartmedia rather 
than compact flash.
in terms of zoom this has a 6x optical zoom and lots of whizbang other stuff 
that i have't come to terms with yet (only had it a couple of days)
there is more info on which cameras work as mass storage devices on the gphoto 


On Thursday 11 July 2002 21:04, Alain Williams wrote:
> Hi,
> what with the summer holidays coming up it is time to replace my OM10
> that finally died this year. I am thinking of a digital camera.
> Rough criteria:
> * point & click, but with the ability to control/override apature/timing if
> I really want to. * reasonable lens
> * zoom would be nice - mechanical/optical, I can't see the point of a
> digital one since I could do that with the gimp later.
> * price 200-300 -- I don't know if this is realistic
> * ability to download pics to Linux via usb or something -- did I need to
> mention this one ?
> Questions:
> * What is the 'speed' of a digital camera, in terms that I can understand
> -- ie an ASA rating ? * What is the equivalent of focal length (ie
> zoom/wide_angle) for these things ? * What format do these things tend
> deliver pictures (gif/jpg/...) ? * They seem to have memory cards that you
> plug in, what standards are there ? * Suggestions for where to get one -
> say Dixons & I will come & thump you. * Any other questions ?

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