[Gllug] PCMCIA modems

Andrew Richardson ahrichardson at clara.net
Fri Jul 5 18:52:53 UTC 2002

On Friday 05 July 2002 7:32 am, Niven Gallenero wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> I got your e-mail address from this site
> http://list.ftech.net/pipermail/gllug/2002-March/021377.html I have also
> Zircom pcmcia dual modem & ethernet card and lost my driver. Can you advice
> where I can get?
> Niven


I guess it was me you refer to.

What do you mean 'lost the driver' ?

With Linux you don't need a driver to work the card as you would with 'Doze.  
It should be picked up by a hardware detection program and then simply work.
In other words the driver is actually already in the system, waiting to be 

I don't know which distribution you are using but on Red Hat and Mandrake 
(the only distros I really know) you will usually find kudzu.  If you run 
this program from the terminal it should find the card. If this doesn't work, 
use whatever tools are in the system menu to enable hardware detection.

One nasty problem you might encounter, as I did with Mandrake 8.1 was that 
Mandrake kept on trying to configure the win modem whilst ignoring the zircom 
card.  Trying to force the networking tools to look for the zircom was such a 
pain that I switched to Red Hat.  RH picked the card up at installation 
perfectly. It's also worth trying different tty numbers if dial-up is the 

If is a windows driver you need, then I guess you need to check zircom.s web 

hope this helps


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