[Gllug] [OT] iPlanet irritation

Simon Stewart sms at lateral.net
Sat Jul 6 22:30:25 UTC 2002

On Fri, Jul 05, 2002 at 05:22:03PM +0100, Richard Cottrill wrote:
> I've Googled until I can Google no more.
> I'm running iPlanet and trying to get it to run a servlet (actually a
> collection of servlets but let's not get too picky).
> It's on Solaris 8 (booo, hisss), iPlanet 4.1SP9. I get a pile of
> > Aborting JVM
> > Exiting JVM due to: jvm_abort () and jvm.exitOnAbort > 0
> messages in the error log. The admin server responds ok but the actual, port
> 80, server just sits there. When I telnet to port 80 I get a blank screen.
> If I enter a valid http request I get nothing back but more silence.
> Hints anyone? (I *have* to work with Solaris/iPlanet - so other ideas are
> welcome, but futile).

Which JVM are you using? The JBoss folks have run into bugs in the 1.4
Sun JDK and suggest using JRockit. What do the servlets do? When do
you get the error message? Is it when the app deploys? When it's first
run? Accessed? When you shut down the servlet container? Is there any
more information provided than just this somewhat cryptic error
message?  Did you write the servlets yourself, or did you buy/download
them? If the latter, are other people running into this problem?

On a java app server note, I know that you can't move atm, but I guess
you know that JBoss is now on 3.0.1RC something-or-another, Orion
(according to an email I just recieved) is about to reach 1.6.0
(finally!), Tomcat 4.0.4, and the 4.1 series is shaping up nicely, and
Jetty 4.1.D2 rocks, and now comes complete with an AJP13 connector, so
you hook it up to apache....

All are free (but not necessarily Free) to develop on, and only Orion
charges for commercial use, and that a comparitively modest fee
compared with some other app servers *cough*Weblogic*cough* I've used
all of them and they're all great (currently liking Jetty a lot, but
still have a soft spot for Orion for some reason)



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