[Gllug] Calculating Bandwidth for Web Radios

Axel Segebrecht asegebrecht at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jul 12 11:29:45 UTC 2002

 --- tet at accucard.com wrote: > 
> 24kbps is 3072 bytes/s, not 24000. Secondly, the
> number of listeners is only relevant if you're using
> unicast. For web radio, I assume you're using 
> multicast, right? If so, then it's 3072 * 60 * 60 *
> 24 which is 256MB/day.

Thanks Ted,

Dunno what ShoutCast/IceCast are using. Looking
through the conf tells me this:

; MaxUser.  
; The maximum number of simultaneous listeners
; Compute a reasonable value for your available 
; upstream bandwidth (i.e. if you have 256kbps upload
; DSL, and want to broadcast at 24kbps, you would
; choose 256kbps/24kbps=10 maximum listeners.)  
; Setting this value higher only wastes RAM and screws
; up your broadcast when more people connect than you 
; can support.

Sounds more like unicast to me - but then, I'm a
complete n00b when it comes to this stuff ;)

/me is off looking for more coffee...


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