OT: The sig flame war starts here (was Re: [Gllug] Microsoft 'tnef' files)

Rev Simon Rumble simon at rumble.net
Wed Jul 10 10:07:28 UTC 2002

On Tue 09 Jul, Simon Stewart made the following spurious claims:

> Mac mail clients seem to have a habit of wrapping multiple attachments
> into a binhex archive. A right royal PITA.

That was Eudora and the Windows versions did it too.  I think it's
still the default on the Mac platform.  I imagine it probably reduced
support calls initially for Qualcomm because Binhex wraps up the
resource fork and keeps them in their secure little double-click

> Let's start the sig flame war when your sig is comfortably over 4
> lines long. :)

You sure it's the length and not the content that annoys you?  That
is, admittedly, the longest sig in my sigmonster and I keep it there
only because the content is so provocative.  But then you knew that.

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