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Chris Ball chris at void.printf.net
Tue Jul 23 11:59:25 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Andersson <daniel at septum.org> writes:

    Daniel> i've got a mac running mac os x with a network card by the
    Daniel> tv downstairs (going to be my divx/svcd player) and actual
    Daniel> network and my broadband connection is upstairs i don't want
    Daniel> to put in a long cable from downstairs to upstairs so i was
    Daniel> thinking about buying something wireless

    Daniel> so what should i buy? want something cheap..  

I guess your best bet will be a USB wireless adaptor for the desktop and
PCMCIA card for the laptop.  Should be about 100 quid or so all-in, as
long as you're not after WEP or anything particularly branded and know
where to shop.  I got my Apple Airport base station for UKP100 and an
Orinoco PCMCIA card for UKP35.

    Daniel> and don't really need more than 10mbit..

Good, because 802.11b only goes up to 11mbit (and good luck getting it
to achieve that).  :-)

- Chris.
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