[Gllug] apache virtual hosts

Mark Lowes hamster at korenwolf.net
Thu Jul 11 07:15:09 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 23:38, Leigh Mason wrote:
> I'm trying to get apache to serve pages from my /home/leigh/public_html 
> directory. I've left the userDir directive within httpd.conf set to the 
> default `public_html', but how do I map a request for mydomain.net/leigh 
> to my directory?

A number of ways of approaching this.

In the DocumentRoot for the server create a symlink from
/home/<login>/public_html /<root>/login

http://<site>/~<login>/ will serve any user page providing the user_dir
module is compiled in.

Or you could play with mod_rewrite but that's just overkill :)

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