[Gllug] Homechoice - any other users out there?

Steve Cobrin cobrin at highbury.homechoice.co.uk
Wed Jul 10 23:31:39 UTC 2002

I've not noticed any particular problems. Also try connecting to 
{news,news1,news2}.homechoice.co.uk there have been alegedly lots of problems 
with their mail feed for the last few months, I have noticed problems 
connecting to Demon's public news server, but that's Demon's issue.

I've been using Homechoice for around 6 months now and not had any serious 
problems that weren't fixed by resetting the modem or homechoice box.

I'm using Smoothwall on an old compaq deskpro as a firewall, and sharing my 
connection to 1 desktop and up to 3 laptops. Works wonderfully! I also 
maintain a Demon account, where the majority of email comes into, which I 
retrieve via pop3. Obviously I send my email to Homechoice's smtp server not 

I am going to be facing a difficult decision soon when they roll out their 
512k service, since that will be USB only rather than over a serial line, 
with a contention ratio of 3:1 and £26 per month, its pretty good value, plus 
I get unlimited Eastenders! I just need to decide if I can live with a NAT'd 
service. Its not been as painful, as I'd imagined, the only issue being a few 
ftp sites get officious when they can't reverse lookup me. Then again, I 
always can use my Demon account in emergencies

If you wish meet up with me on the #gllug irc channel and I can try and help

  -- Steve

On Monday 08 July 2002 23:10, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> This afternoon my homechoice set up went doolally - and I lost mail (smtp -
> I am using Demon's POP) and NNTP access.
> This was all DNS related.
> My machine still cannot resolve news1.homechoice.co.uk and I have got smtp
> back because I got customer support to gave me the raw IP - but that is
> semi-dynamic and subject to change at any time.
> Anybody know what was going on - the helpdesk simply said "we don't support
> Linux you know"?
> Adrian

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