[Gllug] creating bootable cdroms from .iso images

John Hearns john.hearns at cern.ch
Wed Jul 24 07:45:46 UTC 2002

On Wed, 2002-07-24 at 23:02, Mark Preston wrote:
> Hi all,
wants any of these 
> can email me and I'll post them off.    
> Richard Cohen's description of making bootable CdRoms wasn't quite what I had 
> in mind when I made the posting, but I found it very interesting. 
> I would like to ask how difficult it would be to take a well known distro 
> like Mandrake or Redhat and then take off a few files/ add a few files to 
> create a bootable cdrom with some special interest files?
That's whats done in these parts. Standard is a customised RH 7.2

 The reason I am 
> asking is because I'm thinking that this is what, amongst other things, the 
> open source project I'm involved in called OIO - Open Infrastructure for 
> Outcomes should be doing to promote more uptake. One of the main problems is 
> difficulty with installation which requires ideally Apache, PostgreSQL, Zope 
> and the OIO package to all be installed correctly. This, for the target 
> audience of medics/ healthcare workers is asking a bit much.
Strange thing to chip in to this discussion,
but what about a network install?
Your package list of Apache, Postgres, Zope reminds me of Opennms,
which IMHO does a pretty good job of install via apt-get on RPM based
systems.  http://www.opennms.net
Their package list of Apache, Postgres, Tomcat etc. is surprisingly

The big difficulties I've had with Opennms installs have been getting
the right Java installation - which cannot be automated due to having to
accept a license at download.

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