OT: The sig flame war starts here (was Re: [Gllug] Microsoft 'tnef' files)

Stig Brautaset stigbrau at start.no
Wed Jul 10 12:28:58 UTC 2002

* Rev Simon Rumble <simon at rumble.net> spake thus:
> On Wed 10 Jul, Simon Stewart made the following spurious claims:
> > So that's a compelling argument for having more sig than message?
> Yes.
> > Also, on the one hand ignoring usenet traditions, and on the other
> > relying on it is a somewhat foolish way to win an argument.
> What are you, some kind of Nazi hitler-ite?  Hell I bet you'd advocate
> the gas chamber for people posting in BASE64!

Now, that's hardly apropriate language for a reverend. You're making a
fool out of yourself. (And so, probably, am I).



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