[Gllug] ksh

Harry Jackson postituk at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 24 13:14:48 UTC 2002

Why does rsync insist on doing my entire disk when I use the first line
in the following if statement which is currently commented out but when
the second line is used it runs ok. It is not the exclude statements
that are causing the problem because I have tried it with quite a few
combinations. I thinks its my lack of shell knowledge. This is ksh and
not the full program.

 ONLY_USERS=' --include "home/" --exclude "*/" '
 RSYNC_OPTS=' --delete --force --stats '
 FROM_TOO=' /* /home/ide '

 if [ "$user_files" = "yes" ] ; then

 rsync -axpg --exclude "ide/" --include "home/"  --exclude "*" --delete
--stats --force  /* /home/ide

I know its going to be something blatantly obvious but its got me
stumped here.


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