[Gllug] (infra red) webcam

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Sat Jul 27 21:16:00 UTC 2002

On Sat 27 Jul, Murray wrote:
> ok, so having narrowly escaped being burgled for the second time, and having
> recently got myself a nice adsl connection, I was pondering the idea of a
> little homebrew cctv.
> I was thinking a couple of usb webcams, plus some motion detection software
> http://motion.technolust.cx/working.shtml
> and constructive use of ftp.
> not full proof, but better than nothing against the sods who decided to kick
> in my front door, on a fairly busy street in the middle of the day.  I
> imagine not admissible in court either, but what the heck.
> so...any recommendations for a good usb (web)cam?  Specifically something
> that can handle poor lighting conditions as well as it can.  On a related
> note, anyone know of any linux friendly nite-site/infra red cam?  I'm
> figuring that might be a bit ott, when a decent security lamp might suffice.
> murray.
> ps. also considering the really cheap option of just putting up some
> "protected by cctv" stickers....
   I have heard that a computer recording may not be admissable evidence
unless you can prove that it is original and has not been edited, and that
some forms of video compression have been claimed to be a form of editing,
as each frame is partly compiled using other frames.
   You will only be able to get insurance recognition, or professional
central station monitoring if you should need it, if you do an installation
the correct way with the correct materials, otherwise you will need to get
it replaced. There are some good "professional" alarm equipment suppliers
around London if you need parts.

Chris Bell

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