[Gllug] sid & kde3

Stig Brautaset stigbrau at start.no
Tue Jul 2 14:52:30 UTC 2002

* Stephen Harker <steve at pauken.co.uk> spake thus:
> On Tuesday 02 July 2002 14:09, Jim Bailey wrote:
> > > how could you not like cpp? its the very basis of code obfuscation
> > > competitions! ;)
> >
> > Oh goody are we going to have a flame war on desktops?  I like
> > Windowmaker.  I haven't much of a clue how it works but I like it. ;P
> >
> > Peace Jim
> >
> > "The problem with unpolluted air is it stinks."
> > --Recent conversation overheard on London Underground.
> Oooh Oooh me too! I like Blackbox and KDE. Gnome is a load of utter crap. I 

I use blackbox too, but I had gnome/kde installed once for advocacy
reasons; my class 'mates' was unfortunately utterly unimpressed with
blackbox... I installed gnome/kde to show them that they *could* have
nice pretty graphics even if they tried installing linux.
Unfortunately, it was futile. 

In the days before Mozilla became very usable, I tried Galeon, and
Konqeror. I liked Galeon's UI better, but went with Konqueror in the end
because it was less tied to KDE internals that Galeon was with GNOME. I
don't know if this is still the case, but earlier you could not start
Galeon without starting a *whole load* of GNOME cruft in addition
that would persist running after you closed the browser. At least with
Konqueror the extra cruft shut down when you closed it (after a while,
at least). This is quite some time ago now and very possibly fixed.

> don't care if it has nice shiny C bindings (whatever the hell they
> are) because it looks like Dog-shit, behaves like a spoilt schoolkid
> and generally stinks. And its written by a bunch of beardy weirdies
> that don't shower often enough or comb their hair, have any social
> skills and think that Star Trek is cool. 

Whatever floats your boat, I don't really care.

> I'd rather use Windows XP.

Hey, easy on the insults there! 



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