[Gllug] Question on /dev/shm

Richard Cottrill richard_c at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 10 10:16:24 UTC 2002

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> /dev/shm appears mounted as a world-writeable filesystem.
> It is possible to write files to it, and use up memory.
> Can I ask for the opinions of the assembled sages their opinion?

Let's start with - I am no sage - I have another question.

I've run across admins who've set up their *NIX system to write run-time
only to partitions formatted as 'swap'. The understanding is that the OS
will just put them in memory if possible; and they pick up a speed boost for
their troubles.

Are there caveats to this approach? I guess that if there's not enough
physical memory the file will actually go to disc; but I have a sneaking
suspicion there are other caveats to this.


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