[Gllug] apache virtual hosts

tet at accucard.com tet at accucard.com
Thu Jul 11 07:57:47 UTC 2002

>> Yes, but easier is to just use mod_alias:
>> 	Alias /leigh /home/leigh/public_html/
>True, though the easiest solution is symlinks as the mod_alias requires
>changes to the apache config when new users are added.  Symlinks could
>be automated as part of the user creation script.
>Automation is good :)

Agreed, although you'll need to remember to add "Options FollowSymLinks".
Playing devil's advocate, though, it's just as easy to automate adding
Alias lines to a file which is included from your main httpd.conf.

I use mod_alias because our top level build changes on a reasonably
frequent basis due to the marketing people always wanting changes
to the web site. The number of aliased directories changes less
frequently than the other site changes, so it's easier to do it that
way than to have to repopulate the symlinks in each build. As an
aside, I use symlinks to point to the main DocumentRoot, which gives
unparalleled response times should we need to back out to a previous
version of the site.


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