[Gllug] Outdoor web-cams

Jim Bailey jim at freesolutions.net
Mon Jul 1 15:38:09 UTC 2002

On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 08:54:14PM +0100, Formi wrote:
>  I've been to the charity today, and saw a cctvbudget.doc,
>  I didn't read it, not my business but I assume getting
>  cctv ain't cheap.

Depends on what you want.
>  Would cheap web-cams survive outside? Could they just be
>  put inside a waterproof box? 
This is the difference between cheap cams and expensive ones a good CCTV
camera will show something in detail enough to get a positive ID, a bad one
will show a blurred image or a dark image, no ID no conviction, guy comes
back 3 months later after the insurance payout, does the same again...

>  I'm thinking about moisture entering between the lenses..
Test the above senario first if your cheap cam does the job weather
proofing should be fairly straight forward.

>  We would need about 3, I guess could be hooked up to an
>  old pc, and use one of the many spare 14" we have around.
Route the stuff over the internet to a provincial out of hours service
they cost less than London based services.  Have a motion sensor or
equivalent attached if practical then they can alert the key holder if
the system is triggered by a intruder.

Peace Jim

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