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Rich Walker rw at shadow.org.uk
Wed Jul 10 16:29:43 UTC 2002

Jim Bailey <jim at freesolutions.net> writes:

> On Tue, Jul 09, 2002 at 08:37:32PM +0100, Chris Bell wrote:
> > 
> >    Would anyone else like to reply, or add some comments to my next post?
> >
> I wrote to 'the MP for my area'[1] a Ms Harriet Harman in the deluded
> believe I may get some answers to my questions regarding Microsoft and
> the governments gateway, the report to the UK government on the use of
> open source software in the public sector, european governments adoption
> of the open source model etc.  My hope was to raise her conciousness
> levels hopefully get her to think about a future beyond Microsoft.  I am
> still waiting for a reply 4 months later.

I turned up at my MP's surgery and asked questions about a matter
completely unrelated to this thread. Four days layer I got paper mail
with responses to my queries. Oh, and apparently having a consituent
turn up to the surgery and argue coherently about something is one of
those "count this vote more heavily" things. If you were really well
prepared, you could turn up with a wireless notebook, and ask your MP
questions from an IRC channel...

> I noticed on The Register recently ran an article on the rest of Europe
> planning to collaborate on open source projects.
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/26102.html

I've noticed at least one meeting of people doing EU-funded programming
projects where the express purpose of the meeting was to improve the
efficiency of their open-source-ness. 

I was pleasantly surprised at being able to get NESTA to agree to
GPL-ing the code we produce; what was even more surprising was realising
that someone in their legal department had then read *and understood*
the GPL, I think. 

cheers, Rich.

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