[Gllug] Microcode update

Dave Jones davej at suse.de
Sat Jul 13 09:29:13 UTC 2002

On Fri, Jul 12, 2002 at 07:42:53PM -0700, Simon Trimmer wrote:
 > It's not really for hackers but for administrators... have you looked at the
 > length of the errata for the pentium pros? <cue insane cackling>

The P4 one isn't much better 8-)

 > I think Debian have had it in unstable for a while (data has an non gpl intel
 > licence, hence my opinions on debian fanaticism) and I see Redhat 7.3 is
 > now shipping it, not sure about SuSE?

To the best of my knowledge, we ship the tool, but not the microcode.
I recall suggesting to our packaging folks that we should do the
debian thing and have a script that runs off and fetches it from
your webpage, but I don't know if that ever got added..

I'll find out when I get back from .de next week, as I've got to
finish the install of my quad ppro 8-)


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