[Gllug] creating bootable cdroms from .iso images

Jim Bailey jim at freesolutions.net
Wed Jul 24 17:50:57 UTC 2002

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 09:59:17AM +0200, John Hearns wrote:
> But one thing which worries me is backups. The sort of scenario you are
> describing is where small offices run without the services of a
> Unix/Linux sysadmin. As a fully paid up member of 't Trade Union I can
> only say this is folly (Smile. I'm joking).

I don't think that having an admin on site is an absolute necessity
anymore.  If these are doctors surgeries community clinics, dentists
etc.  Then ADSL is your friend almost all services including ssh for
remote admin could run on or through a gateway server running mail, DNS,
web services on a dual homed host.  It could also act as a firewall for
windows and *nix clients behind it.

The administration would be done remotely with these various entities
sharing the cost of a sys admin between them.  Of course there will be
times when a techie is needed on site but mostly these could be

> But seriously, you do need to think about backups.
> I remember posting to the GLLUG list a few months ago about a backup
> utility which backed up to writeable CDs, and also made disaster
> recovery CDs. I reckon this should be included with the distribution.
> Its no use populating your nice database if it ain't backed up.
I have been wondering of the practicality of using an ADSL connection to
do offsite backups by sharing backup services between groups of SOHO
users such as the groups mentioned above.  I figure that after the
intial full backup the following incremental backups particularly if
done in the small hours would be practical.  Anybody care to show me the
stupidity and impracticality of my suggestion?

Peace Jim

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