[Gllug] OT(ish) Domain transfers

Jason Clifford jason at ukpost.com
Tue Jul 16 09:41:07 UTC 2002

On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, will wrote:

> You shouldn't need to unsubscribe, the transfer should go pretty smoothly.  I 
> changed the MX record of my hellacool.co.uk domain a while ago and this caused 
> no problem whatsoever.  After the nameserver details have been updated at the 
> registry the domain will take about 48 to 72 hours to pretty much completely 
> move from the old to the new hosts.  Mail (and web) traffic will go to either 
> the old or new host for this time (more to the old in the beginning, more to the 
> new by the end).  Make sure you retain the old mail account to pick up any stray 
> messages that get to the old account for this time, but it should be safe to get 
> rid of the old account after about 72 hours.  Someone correct me if I am wrong here.

It helps to set the TTL on records in the DNS at the old hosting provider 
to as low a value as reasonably possible in advance. This way you don't 
have cached records out there on other name servers pointing back to the 
old site for long periods. 

The worst example of this I have ever seen had a TTL of over 3 months on 
each record and they wanted to move to a new IP block the following week!

Jason Clifford
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