[Gllug] Linux Expo demos

John Southern john at sinoda.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 10 17:01:21 UTC 2002

> For handhelds and small machines, security would be important.
> Linux Expo tends to be a very busy event - with people popping on
> and off the stand. You won't want to be tied to the stand all day to
> look after your kit.
> Ideas for ensuring safety of handhelds/laptops, other than hiring
> a menacing security guard to thump thieving toerags?

Left a handheld on the stand last year and ome six hours later someone gave 
it back. Now admittedly they had put a broken Debian on it - but I did get it 
Everyone that went to the GLLUG stand was Linux to the core and I found them 
trustworthy. (Bit odd looking :-)   )
Would I do the same with a £400 Zaurus? - probably not, but there were always 
well know GLLUGers around.


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