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Xander D Harkness xander at harkness.co.uk
Wed Jul 24 11:46:36 UTC 2002

Daniel Andersson wrote:

>>On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 12:39:32PM +0100, Daniel Andersson wrote:
>>>hiya people
>>>i'm a total newbie when it comes to wireless stuff, so i thought i'd ask
>>>guys :)
>>>i've got a mac running mac os x with a network card by the tv downstairs
>>>(going to be my divx/svcd player)
>>>and actual network and my broadband connection is upstairs
>>>i don't want to put in a long cable from downstairs to upstairs
>>>so i was thinking about buying something wireless
>>>so what should i buy? want something cheap..
>>You'll need an airport card for the Mac and then either a pcmcia
>>wireless card (possibly with ISA or PCI converter for a desktop) a usb
>>wireless card or a wireless hub.
>>You can get a PCI wireless card from dabs, but I'd seriously recommend
>>for going for something like the buffalo's.
>so i should be okay getting
>and then an airport.. ?
I stuck the Buffalo compact flash card with a flash to PCMCIA adapter 
into my laptop and it was reported as not supported.  I could not see a 
relevant card supported when in the kernel source.  

Do I need a kernel patch?  The buffalo website says the card is 
supported by wintel as ever without acknowledging that any other OS 
exists!  As mentioned before the compact flash card is directly 
supported by the Zaurus.

Kind regards

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