[Gllug] Any PPP gurus?

Jason Clifford jason at ukpost.com
Mon Dec 29 22:11:41 UTC 2003

On Mon, 29 Dec 2003, Adrian McMenamin wrote:

> I think this is wrong in that a vanilla stable kernel is a vanilla stable 
> kernel. The kernel that Red hat would supply me is patched away like nobody's 
> business - that is the result of a lot of work by them, I think the marginal 
> difference between a vanilla 2.4.23 kernel and a 2.6.0 kernel isn't going to 
> be that great.
> In any case - I really *do* want a pre-emptive kernel as something approaching 
> 75 - 80 % of my email is spam and so spamassassin is useful but also painful!

Isn't your ISP starting to filter your email?

If they have a tagging only option this may relieve you of the burden of 
running sa locally.

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