[Gllug] High resolution flat screens

Stephen Harker steve at pauken.co.uk
Mon Dec 8 18:04:44 UTC 2003

On Monday 08 Dec 2003 5:47 pm, Tethys wrote:
> I'm looking for a flat screen, like the subject says. Essentially, this
> is for a display screen that we can stick on the wall and show status
> from our monitoring systems, etc. I was somewhat stunned to find that
> all the large screens have crappy resolutions. Does anyone know of any
> that don't?
> The best I've found so far is the Samsung SM241MP TFT screen, which
> will go up to 1920x1200. But it's only 24". The SM403T, in the same
> range is 40", but only goes up to 1280x768. WTF?
> For plasma screens, it's even worse. The 42" PPM4253 is 852x480, and
> the 50" PPM50H3 and the 63" PPM63H3 are both only 1366x768. Is there
> some reason that these screens a so low res compared to a decent CRT,
> or even to a modern laptop? It's not just Samsung, BTW, it's other
> makes as well.
> So does anyone know of a high res, reasonably large flat screen?

No. But by the time you've paid all that money for a large, hi-res screen, you 
might be better off getting a projector and throwing it up on the wall. 
Depends on the light level in the office really.


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