FW: [Gllug] Networking SUSE and Windows

Jack Bertram jack at jbertram.net
Fri May 23 09:35:05 UTC 2003

* Alan Peery <peery at io.com> [030523 10:28]:
> Ian Northeast wrote:
> >You havn't said much about your basic setup. Is this Windows machine
> >running ICS?
> >If so I believe that you have to set the Linux machine up as DHCP, have
> >you done so?
> >
> I don't think this will help at all.  ICS is hardwired to only offer 
> service to machines running IPs of 192.168.0.X (IIRC), unless there is a 
> registry hack I'm not aware of.

This is true, although by judicious use of bridging you can get around
this.  For example, I can plug my Zaurus into my Windows XP box (which
sits behind a Linux firewall/gateway/router) and have it transparently
appear on the network, even though it's a internal network.

The Zaurus is then just configured to use the Linux machine as a gateway
directly and doesn't have to know about the fact that the XP box is
actually bridging packets back and forth.


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