[Gllug] Tux me

Lobster edjason at britishlibrary.net
Thu May 15 01:56:02 UTC 2003

>Looking for a place to stay in London,
>I kipped up at a young female work
>colleague's home for a couple weeks during the World Cup.
>Her TV was so bad
>focussed that one could only see coloured smudges on green instead of the
>games. While she was out, I did exactly the above getting back a very sharp
>She was overjoyed; the TV had been 'fuzzy' for over two years, and that
>translated into many redeemable brownie points. Okay, not /strictly/ Linux,
>but it does have young women allured by technical prowess in it...

Pah - you mean I been wasting my money
on all that herbal viagra spam?

All I had to do was get out my Knoppix
and say:

'This is cunning this! - You'll like
my cunning Linux!'

Before we know it . . .



Normal geek talk is now resumed . . . 

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