[Gllug] re: premium-rate dialups

will will at hellacool.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 10:37:46 UTC 2004

t.clarke wrote:
> Personally I think the whole premium-rate system is something we could largely
> do without.  Certainly, my life hasn't been 'enriched' by their use.

No, there is a lot of stuff that hasn't enriched my life, but I am not 
going to campaign for it all to be banned ;)

> Seems to me they are largely used as a means of screwing the gullible.
> For example:
> Is the Capital of France either:
> a) Berlin
> b) Paris
> c) Brussels
> Phone a premium rate number (for over a quid) and if you get it right (very
> difficult) your enter a draw for a prize.

Well, they get told how much it is going to cost so I don't see a 
problem, people can spend their money on pretty much whatever they like.

It seems that you can't completely protect against stupidity, sometimes 
you just have to accept that sometimes stupid people will remove 
themselves from the gene pool and get on with your life ;)

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