[Gllug] Booting older x86 boards from a large ide disc

Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Mon Aug 30 14:07:23 UTC 2004

On Mon 30 Aug, John Winters wrote:

> OTOH, I have an older machine which has a lower threshold (don't
> remember what OTTOMH) and if I let on that it has an 80G disc in it, it
> has a fit of the vapours during POST.  The only way to start it is to
> tell it the large disc isn't there and boot from a much smaller one.
> John
   That is what I usually do, but this time I know that it will boot with
around 30GB but I want it to boot with

Primary master   80GB Maxtor,
Primary Slave    CD/DVD ROM,
Secondary Master 120GB Maxtor,
Secondary Slave  CD/DVD RW,

and probably also some SCSI bits.

   I have tried to set the drive to indicate reduced capacity, but then
Debian also takes that value. If I use the BIOS auto-detect facility to set
the parameters at this stage, power down, remove the "low capacity" link,
then power back up, POST hangs at the end of the Secondary Slave line.
   The m/b is a Shuttle/Spacewalker 649A with dual 450MHz Pentium II.

Chris Bell

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