[Gllug] Booting older x86 boards from a large ide disc

Andy McGarty andy at mac1systems.com
Mon Aug 30 16:10:36 UTC 2004

>> OTOH, I have an older machine which has a lower threshold (don't
>> remember what OTTOMH) and if I let on that it has an 80G disc in it, it
>> has a fit of the vapours during POST.  The only way to start it is to
>> tell it the large disc isn't there and boot from a much smaller one.
Try seeing if the maxtor site has its own bootloader that sits on the mbr 
and fools the bios, then it loads whatever you have on the first 
partition.  Originally designed for the 512mb (or thereabouts) of the 
really old drive, but should still work.

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