[Gllug] WTF!! More nfs woes - write permission denied on 2 of 3 dirs that previously worked.

M.Blackmore mblackmore at oxlug.org
Mon Aug 23 16:55:25 UTC 2004

M.Blackmore wrote:


Well, it's sorted now.

I woke up this morning (cue baby screaming to have pooey nappy changed) 
and in the befuddled moments of semi-conciousness the unfettered brain 
remembered that I'd had a problem in suse 6.4 of yast repeatedly 
overwriting hand-turned config files when ssh'd into a server... about 5 
years back!

When I set up the nfs server ages ago here it was done "hands on" with 
the server directly.

Sure enough, when I checked, yast nfs server settings overwrote the rw 
to ro, when I had altered nothing but just used it to check and restart 
nfs settings. As I had checked the config files manually and they were 
all OK, I'd missed that one, assuming nothing had changed. If I'd looked 
at them again I would have spotted the alteration of 2 out of 3 to ro 
status! And why only 2 of 3, with one left as was...?

I don't have another PC running to see if ssh'ing in from that causes 
the same yast problem ... 5 or so years back I found that the ssh/yast 
screwup only occurred when accessing from a particular remote machine on 
a network, the others were fine. If anyone knows why that particularity 
should be a problem then I will genuflect to their mandarinship!

Anyway, all working now before my prospects of any further children were 
permanently, err, blunted.

I don't do enough sysadmin on a home network to be alert enough on my 
toes nor have at easily accessible memory levels "what ifs" like this - 
as well as forgetting over a couple of years just how one got some 
service set up due to the lack of rehearsal. Linux just seems to keep 
going whereas NT3 and NT4 I used before 1999 seemed to need constant 
re-fettling. That stability creates a problem for the amateur who 
doesn't do stuff daily/weekly/monthly at most.

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