[Gllug] removing lilo from mbr

Robert P. McKenzie rmckenzi at rpmdp.com
Wed Aug 18 15:30:49 UTC 2004

john gennard wrote:

> A friend has a laptop with a single ide hard-drive on which he installed 
> W2000 and Mandrake
> and used dual booting by putting lilo on the mbr.
> He later temporarily deleted Mandrake and gave over the whole disk to W2000
> (I think to allow adequate room for a lot of video files).
> Now W2000 refuses to boot - we've tried all we can think of and got 
> nowhere.
> fdisk \mbr                                                            
>                    fails to work
> lilo -U                                                                  
>                    is no help
> booting from the W2000 CD, going to the recovery console
>    and using the fixboot and fixmbr commands                           
> don't help

The dos command is:

	fdisk /mbr

If you are using the \ then it will indeed fail.

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