[Gllug] Imap tools

John Hearns john.hearns at clustervision.com
Fri Aug 27 13:08:08 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-08-27 at 13:53, John Hearns wrote:
> mmand
> line IMAP tools form the University of Washington.
> ftp://ftp.cac.washington.edu/imap/imap-utils.tar.Z

You'll also need c-client.tar.Z from the same directory.

Once you've built it a link from imap-2004a to imap is neeeded

The imap-utils gives you tools such as imapxfer (moving between
mailboxes) , icat, imapcopy, mbxcreate etc.

Now give us something hard to do before the Bank Holiday weekend.
Working fusion reactor? Tracking down 'The Scream?'

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