[Gllug] Re: Any bank not in the dark ages?

Richard Jones rich at annexia.org
Fri Aug 20 11:59:43 UTC 2004

On Fri, Aug 20, 2004 at 12:16:59PM +0100, Mike Leigh wrote:
> The best bank I have found for online use is first direct.  As for being
> helpful when you call them they go out of their way to answer your query.  I
> have dealt with lloyds, natwest(uugghhhh), egg, smile, barclays before
> finally making the move to first direct.  The move was painless.  I did mine
> manually but they can do it for you if you so wish.
> Their web interface works well in mozilla firefox.  The only slightly
> annoying thing is that it loads in a new window but you cant have everything
> can you.  (ctrl + click solves the new window thing anyhow).  You can apply
> for loans credit cards etc online.  You can move money between accounts (not
> sure about over the pond though).  Without logging on I cant remember the
> other features.  If anyone wants a screenshot (butchered of course :)) then
> let me know and I will make one available.
> p.s. first direct is known as the most recommended bank and from my
> experience I can see why.  http://www.firstdirect.com or you can call them
> on 08456 242424.

Sounds like an ad ...

Wish I could work out _how_ to apply on their website.  Perhaps the
lack of Flash in my browser means I'm missing some crucial button ...


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