[Gllug] Badblocks indicates disc is OK?...

George F. Saxby george at gogointernet.co.uk
Tue Aug 10 14:34:30 UTC 2004

 Well I thought it was just me that that kinda weirdness happened to, To be 
absolutely sure run the manufacturers diagnostic program for the model & type 
of drive if there is an error it will annotate it for the RMA procedure and 
gets you quicker service even on drives close to the end of their 3 year 
manufacturing warranty

On Tuesday 10 Aug 2004 2:10 pm, Ian Norton wrote:
> I had this with a 20Gb maxtor drive and a western digital one too,
> while in my server they would cause the box to reboot when writing to
> certian parts of the disc (kinda evil)
> re-partitioning and re-formatting did nothing, it even did it in a
> windows machine that i attempted to use with the maxtor RMA software.
> consequently i was unable to get an RMA number for the drives because
> the program would reboot :-/ so i gave up.
> recently i was (as you) preparing to throw them away, but, i like to
> keep old crap like this :-) so stuck them back in the same server (which
> is now doing nothing important) with the same disk controller,
> since then ive used the drives without problem or error, and even used
> the two of them as a mirrored raid array which i have filled up a couple
> of times.
> maybe they do just get better. I'm more inclined to think that the
> maxtor gremlins ran away to play in my bigger drives when i gave up on
> the 20gb one.
> Ian
> John Winters wrote:
> >...or, "Do hard disc drives get better?"
> >
> >I suffered an apparent disc failure back in April.  The disc in question
> >(200 Gb Maxtor) started giving i/o errors and I put the problem down to
> >lack of ventilation.  Fortunately everything was backed up so I did
> >first a short term fix (loading bits back onto different machines) and
> >then at the start of the summer holidays I finally got around to
> >replacing the failed server.
> >
> >I was about to throw away the failed disc and I just thought I'd test
> >it.   I shoved it in a different machine, fdisk'ed it to create one
> >large partition and then did:
> >
> >    mke2fs -c -c /dev/hdb1
> >
> >To my surprise the whole thing ran through (albeit taking *ages*) and
> >didn't generate a single disc error.
> >
> >So, have I got a duff disc or not?
> >
> >TIA,
> >John


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